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Harness your potential with our professional trade & software training

beginner programAutocad – Zwcad – Bricscad


Discover your CAD software’s functionalities to produce technical equipment drawings for the construction industry.


For engineers, experienced draughtsmen and technicians. No or little knowlegde of a CAD platform. Proficient in working with Microsoft Windows and Internet.


3 days

Reception of incoming files (architects, structural…)

Suggestions of classification (organising folders to manage external references)
Processing for use as tracing backdrop
Optimising utilisation (Direct, in Block, in XREF) benefits/downsides


Improvement (Ribbon – Semi-automatic inserting – Multi function handles…)
Settings (Options – Profiles – work space)
Toolbar (Creation – Settings – Internal sharing)

Drawing and modification tools

Refining hatches
Adding selected objects
Manipulating directly, using handles
Similar objects selection mode
Selecting object : groups
Editing polylines, splines and hatches objects
Objects and layers transparency
Isolating and masking objects
Highlighting external references

Interaction with trade specific dedicated applications

What is an application ?
Integration with your CAD software

Managing DWG files

Revision tracking of drawings and files
Title block
Printing and PDF

PDF & DWF files

Inserting PDF files
Managing PDF files
Creating PDF files