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Building services design software for
HVAC and heating in 2D and 3D

AUTOFLUID, the building services design software that boosts your producivity

Speed up design and implementation of building services: HVAC and plumbing fluid networks

AUTOFLUID is the 2D-3D CAD package of choice for professionals in the fields of HVAC, plumbing, sanitary, medical and industrial fluids.
AUTOFLUID is widely adopted throughout the profession. From international firms to independent offices, our users have made us the leader in France.

The suite is composed of six applications that were created by experts in the field of engineering for building services. Each application is specialised in saving you precious time in your day to day design work with the simplest and the most pragmatic tools.

With AUTOFLUID you can configure, draw and detail technical drawings in just a few mouse clicks and to the highest level of precision and graphic quality. Plans created with AUTOFLUID are always clear, reliable on the building site and produced in the shortest time.

AUTOFLUID brings together the performance of 2D services network design and the benefits of collaborative BIM projects. In just a few steps AUTOBIM3D Xport transforms networks that were created in 2D, into 3D, ready to embed into models. Your 3D files are saved in .IFC format which is compatible with all common BIM packages on the market. Thanks to this format, the data associated with the objects contained into your drawings is encapsulated into the file itself, so they can be edited and shared directly into your modelling package. As a result you can collaborate on BIM projects with the same precision, the same skills and the same speed as in 2D.

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AUTOFLUID on subscription

Thanks to the INFINITY package, AUTOFLUID is more accessible and more powerful than ever. When subscribed, you will receive the whole suite of application that you can use on any of your PCs that you declared: on site, at home or at the office for example. You will benefit from all the new developments on the software as soon as they’re developed and tested. There’s no need to wait for the “next version” anymore. AUTOFLUID informs you of available new features directly inside the software and you never miss out. These are some of the new benefits of this new generation AUTOFLUID.

Book a free demonstration and receive a test version of AUTOFLUID INFINITY


1. The whole suite, right now for less initial cost

Rather than purchasing a perpetual license and having to make it pay at all costs, AUTOFLUID INFINITY allows you to adapt your investment to your needs. With the variable duration INFINITY subscription you commit for at least 1 month or up to 36 months. You only need to renew if AUTOFLUID is actually useful to you.

2. Immediate benefit from each new development

Your subscription means that you can benefit from each new development as soon as it is ready. With AUTOFLUID, the French market leader, you are guaranteed to be always on the cutting edge of productivity.

3. AUTOFLUID on all of your PCs

Take the Suite with you wherever you go without the risk of losing your USB security keys. Our dematerialised licensing system will recognise you on any registered PC. Your setup will follow you everywhere regardless of whether you are working from home or on the building site; your project progress won’t lose a second.


Own a perpetual license for each application

The perpetual license package is the classic way to own AUTOFLUID. You purchase the software in its current version and you can keep using it, as it is, for an indefinite duration.

As opposed to the INFINITY package, when you own a perpetual license, you only benefit from new commands and improvements to the applications when a new version is released and that you purchase a new license.


With a perpetual license

Choose the applications that best fit your needs among the AUTOFLUID suite and pay only for what you use. You can select from 6 applications, or go for an existing pack: AUTOFLUID Lt or the AUTOFLUID 10 complete pack.