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Training with Tracéocad

With new regulations, new tools and new career aspirations coming up every year, fluid engineers must keep on developing their skills to stay competitive. Thanks to Tracéocad’s trade training in hvac and fluid engineering, you can evolve your skill set along with your career.

Whichever your level you will be trained by instructors who are specialised in the field. Tracéocad’s instructors are professionals in the field of CAD for fluid engineering. Their knowledge of the industry spreads beyond the demonstration of the software tools.

We make every effort to listen to your needs so that you can get the best out of your training sessions. We can even build our sessions around your current projects and personalise each training program.

The main goals of our training programs:

  • Master the basic commands of your CAD software
  • Optimise and organise file management in your computer system
  • Implement a methodology from drafting to the final plans
  • Optimise the quality and the production time of your drawings

Specific training

Fluids and HVAC engineers must keep up to date with changes and innovation in their field. To answer these specific needs Tracéocad develop on demand training programs focused on broadening skill sets.


Tracéocad offers a range of distance training sessions that focus on specific AUTOFLUID functionalities. They are short, tailored to your needs and with the assistance of an instructor. You won’t have to travel for the session.