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Designing 2D drawings using AUTOFLUID 10 in AutoCAD/BricsCad/ZWCAD.


For engineers, experienced draughtsmen and technicians. Proficient in operating a CAD package on a regular basis. Proficient in working with Microsoft Windows and Internet.


2 days

Basic settings

Preference file
Working unit
Drawing scale

Sizes computation

There are 2 types of computations : local or on a network
Computation of air duct sizes
Computation of fluid duct sizes
Computation of sanitary duct sizes


Introduction to double line drawing
Duct structure
Specification knowledge
Double line or single line routing of :
> rigid circular ducts
> flexible circular ducts
> rectangular ducts
> pressure holding tubes
> drain pipes
> single line set of pipes
Cross section drawings and the distance between the centres within the set of pipes
Insertion of standard components in line or on already drafted ducts
Network intersections:
> hidden intersections
> cut intersections with offset
Customizable air conditioning terminal drawings (AHU, cassette…)


Automatic drawing and positioning of arrows indicating directions of flows
Automatic adjustment of the arrows directions
Representation of slopes


Choosing a style
Create automatic texts, frames, leader lines
Formatting of the most common information using prefixes and suffixes

The openings

Sizing and drawing openings using existing network drawings
Drawing openings without a network
Modifying openings
Creating a list in the paper space
Exporting the list into Microsoft Excel

Quick Modifications Tools

Swapping objects
Changing profiles
Changing text
Deleting an object
Moving an object onto a duct


Creating zones
Network’s bills
Bills of materials
Finding equipment using marker tags
Creating lists in the presentation space
Export lists into Microsoft Excel


Automatic redrawing of ducts after they are cut
Working with layers (freeze, transfer, lock, etc.)
Changing thickness

Laying out drawings

Automatic composition of the drawing in the layout
Automatic insertion of title blocks formatting
Creating detail views
Updating the scale of views automatically
Inserting the file name, its file path and the list of related XREF in the margin automatically


Inserting the cutting plane on a cross section automatically
Creating accurate base maps from the top view of a plan
Module for inserting technical data while on the top view of a plan
Module for deleting technical data
Rendering and previewing a cross section
Automatic drawing of cross section and perfect positioning in the layout
Module for quick adjustments to the thickness of slabs level, suspended ceilings and raised floors

Pressure drops computation

Nearly all objects dimensions data is already available to the software because it is embedded in every object drafted in AUTOFLUID, as soon as they are created. Insert flow, flow direction, hidden lengths and equipment to complete the necessary information.
Simply click on a selected segment of the chosen route to compute pressure drops.
Display a schematic view of the route.
Excel spreadsheet tracking linear and singular pressure drops.
Tables and computation processes from reference studies in the industry (MEMENTO I.E IDEL’CIK, Air conditioning course PORCHER)

Other computations

Fast computation of cumulated flow rates for basic sanitary feeds
Computation of levels while routing.
Computation of levels in an existing drainage network drawing
Computation of levels in the case of a vertical displacement of a network in a cross section